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What is Depression?


Depression is an emotional illness with variable low moods that occasionally become more positive, and sometimes excited or cheerful.

Depressive thinking is characteristically gloomy, defeatist, self-derogatory and preoccupied with the past. Problems loom large in depression, and depressives are often tormented by self-designated duties or responsibilities. Clear, creative, decisive thinking is also frequently impaired, energy levels are low, and a range of physical ailments may be triggered or intensified.

There are six steps to ridding oneself of a depression or, at least, bringing it under an acceptable measure of control:

Six Steps for Overcoming Depression

  1. Understanding what it takes
  2. Preparing and planning the program
  3. Starting out on the program
  4. Keeping going
  5. Watching how you go
  6. Motivating yourself

To raise more awareness of depression, should be another goal in order to fight depression. The first and foremost step in treating depression is recognizing its symptoms and realizing that this disease can happen to anyone, regardless of his or her background.

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