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Warning Signs of Suicide

Warning Signs of Suicide

Suicidal cases become a global challenges. Students  who attempt to kill themselves usually leave definite warning signs indicating their cry for help. Some clues are obvious whereas some are subtle. By reading this article, you would be able to help more people because suicidal is actually preventable.

Children suicidal is preventable. Help them now by understanding the cues of suicidal

Children suicidal is preventable. Help them now by understanding the cues of suicidal

You should look out for:

(1) Daily behaviour

  • Direct statements (verbal or written) about suicide:

“I want to die.” or “I am going to kill myself.” 

  • Indirect or subtle statements (verbal or written) indicating a wish to die, hopelessness and helplessness.

“I want to go to sleep and never wake up.” or “I should never have been born.” 

  • Prior suicide attempts, self-injury behaviour
  • Giving away prized possessions, making final arrangements
  • Sudden change in personality
  • Extreme moodiness (especially sadness and depression)
  • Sudden change in sleeping habits or eating patterns

(2) School performance

  • Deteriorated schoolwork and drop in grades
  • Increase in absenteeism without reasonable explanation
  • Unusual disruptive or rebellious behaviour

(3) Social behaviour

  • Marked withdrawal from social contacts, isolation
  • Sudden worsening of communication/relationship with peers
  • Become unreasonable and unrealistic
  • Lost of pleasure in most/normal activities, previous hobbies and sports

(4) Others

  • Drugs or alcohol abuse
  • Sudden obvious weight gain or weight loss
  • Running away from home
  • Taking risks, frequent accidents, impulsive act

Once a teacher suspects that a student is at a high risk for suicide, he or she should promptly make a referral to the school social worker and mental health specialist for advice and support. Even if the assessment checklist indicates a low suicidal risk, there is still a need to pay concern for a possible suicide attempt and refer the student to the school social worker or guidance personnel for follow-up work.

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