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Certified Time Management Specialist

Conquering The Clock Through Time Management.


Time management skill is an essential knowledge to help us to develop yourself also in other in related areas. This skill can be symbolised as the action to train you to kill a few birds with one stone. By applying good time management, you are able to organize yourself better in your everyday life, e.g. by helping you to define your goals. This course is specially designed for people who care about personal development. This course shares with you the right methodology how you could utilize your time effectively and meaningfully. Time management involves setting clear priorities for yourself and making sure that you achieve them. One should never panic, but maintain a calm mind, even when the going gets tough, at work. At the same time, this certified program also enable you to learn the specific techniques for you to help, train and assist other people who have problem with time management. Remember, time is a limited resource, so you have to make choices. When the time is gone, it’s gone! Learn how to conquer the clock now. 


  • To provide planning for time usage
  • To prioritize activities in our life
  • To develop skills in managing time 

Learning outcomes:

After completing this module, candidate should be able to

  • Become aware of how you presently use your time
  • Prioritize the ways in which you use your time
  • Rank your priorities in order of importance
  • Explore the concepts of sold time, maintenance time, and discretionary time
  • Develop your skills in managing time 

Who should attend:

  • Business Owners
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Consultants
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Anyone who feel they do not have sufficient time and anyone who needs to enhance the skills of time management 

Course outlines

Module 1: Venturing into Time Management

Module 2: Looking at the Clock Arm: Time Checking

Module 3: What’s Next? Which Comes First? Identify Priorities

Module 4: Trapping between: Sandwich Principle

Module 5: Getting Your Hidden Personnel Assistant: Planner

Module 6: Innovative Working Environment as Time Management

Module 7: Life Balancing in Time Spending

Module 8: Fighting with Time Cheaters

Module 9: Leisure Time Management

Module 10: Transforming to be Effective Super Power


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