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Certified Handwriting Analyst

Human Behaviour Academy is the world leader in handwriting analysis certification. Through our courses, you will learn to be a professional handwriting analyst. HBA teaches the trait stroke method of analyzing handwriting. HBA’s Accreditation is responsible for the administration of HBA’s examination program. The Certified level exams contain theory and practical parts.


Our handwriting is the product of brain and hand, mind and body thoughts expressed on paper using the muscles of the arm and hand, physical movements controlled by the brain. Not only brain and body are involved, however. Each time we write we are influenced by our inner feelings, by our emotions and moods of that moment. Worry, depression, optimism, elation, anger and passing thoughts will all be reflected in the writing we produce. It should be called ‘brainwriting’ rather than ‘handwriting’.

A person’s handwriting is as unique as their fingerprints and facial features. Even identical twins have slight differences. A trained graphologist is able to assess the personality of the writer — not only the way he wishes to be seen, his public face or persona, but also the inner person as he really is the ego. We produce a portrait of ourselves as we conduct this certification will train you to translate this picture into a description of the personality of the writer.


  • Understanding development of graphology
  • To learn elements of handwriting analysis: graphology
  • To introduce to candidate techniques used in graphology 

Learning outcomes:

After completion this certification program, candidates will be able to

  • Understand the basic element of handwriting analysis
  • Identify the inner mind of a person and response according to their needs
  • Practise skills on handwriting analysis
  • Appreciate human attitude and behavior through handwriting analysis
  • Enhance their knowledge to deeper knowledge in the area of graphology- initial step to be graphology consultant
  • Influence people after understand their needs and their attitude 

Who should attend:

  • Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Psychologist, Police and Investigator Officers, CEO, Human Resource Managers, Academician, Politician, Teachers, Parents and anyone who have interest to understand human behavior.

Course outlines

Module 1: I can Read You like A Book: Basic Element of Graphology
In this module, candidate would be exposed to the development of Graphology. By understand the fundamental of graphology, it leads you to start your journey to learn alphabet analysis

Module 2: Analysis Technique 1: Analyse zones and Size
This module equipped you with the fundamental of handwriting analysis. It covers the basic technique that could create interest for you to further study graphology. The topics includes size, the three zones and the layout

Module 3: Analysis Technique 2: Originality and Connections (1)
After learning the basics of graphology, this module helps you to understand the forms of handwriting. In this module, you will learn how to analyse slant, connections and various form of letters.

Module 4: Analysis Technique 3: Originality and Connections (2)
This module continues to train you how to analyse originality and connections by focusing on the fullnes and leanness, width and narrowness in small letters and also horizontal Tension. All these technique helps you to understand human personality

Module 5: Analysis Technique 4: Pressure on writing: You Can Speak?
This module helps you to identify the connections and originality in term of pressure, tension and release and shading (pastiness and pastosity, sharpness). All these components help you to understand the basic fundamental when analyzing handwriting.

Module 6: Deeper Analysis I
After completing the fundamental of graphology, candidates are trained on further advanced analysis in term of covering strokes, punctuation and paragraphs, initial and terminal strokes, regularity and rhythm

Module 7: Deeper Analysis II
This module helps you to understand the special characteristics in graphology by looking at the capital. It further specialized to understand the Capital “I” and followed by the “i” – dots and “t” bars

Module 8: Not only Words
In this program, candidates are also trained to understand various symbolism and signature to enhance the technique to reach human’s heart. Various forms of analysis are used to enable you to understand the human psychology. Then, candidate would learn the stimulus or motive words, the influence of stress and tensions; the colour of ink and paper. This chapter ends understanding of dishonesty and unrealiability.

Module 9: Reaching the Deep Heart
Candidate would be exposed to the speed and form level that enable us to analyse accurately

Module 10: Bring It All Together
In this module candidate would learn how to write a report and analysis of handwriting analysis. Besides, basic method of how to be a successful entrepreneur and graphologist are shared in this module.

Certified Exam

The Certified exam is the second in HBA’s examination process. Successful completion of the Certified exam bestows the honour and title of “Certified Handwriting Analyst” The prerequisite is required to apply for the Certified exam by completing certification training by HBA.

The purpose of the Certified exam is to evaluate the ability to practice handwriting analysis at a professional level. A HBA Certified Graphologist is considered to be a qualified professional graphologist. HBA encourages its members to become a Certified Member to increase the standard of excellence in the graphological community, as a whole.

Certified Handwriting Analyst Certification Process

In stage one, candidate needs to complete 10 modules to equipped themselves with sufficient skills to conduct handwriting analysis. These skills enable candidate to understand fundamental of handwriting analysis (Module 1 to Module 5) and also advance handwriting analysis (Module 6 to Module 9). In the last module, candidate is trained how to perform a professional reports in handwriting analysis (Module 10).

In stage two, candidate is given a handwriting to analyse and perform a complete report for evaluation. The evaluation consists of all elements trained in the ten modules. Candidate needs to perform professionalism during completing this task.

After passing the examination, candidate needs to conduct AT LEAST 10 reports analysis to earn back their fees. Candidate need to write to the center with the 10 completed report to claim their title

“Certified Handwriting Analysis” and the title of “CHAHBA”

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