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Certified Empowerment Healthcare Specialist


Healthcare industries become more challenging. Clients and consumers are becoming more health conscious. At the same time, the choice of health care services increases. In order to survive in the industries, they have to be more innovative and creative to provide ultimate service to customers. Without innovation and creativity strategies, the health care industries would have challenge to survive and sustain in the global and dynamic industries.

This certified program is specially designed for healthcare professionals such as hospital managers, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, counsellors, nutritionist and anyone who would like to learn to build their clientele especially in health care industry. It does cover the basic, several innovative methods, several pretested, proven techniques, and it also has a section in it to change your believe about yourself. This certification program was designed with the idea that several different disciplines in the health care industry that could benefit from the strategies put forth. The skill of reaching out the clients could be the only limitation that health care professionals. Join the program to boost up and find the missing link to boost your productivity. 


  • To equip health care professionals with the essential skills to manage their own practise
  • To stimulate innovation and creativity among health care professionals on reaching out their clients to provide authentic services
  • A holistic approach is given to this workshop as to the physical things to be created (body), the mental attitudes and habits needed to be successful (mind), and increasing one’s prosperity consciousness (spiritual) 

Learning outcomes:

After completing this training, candidates should be able to

  • Experience hand-on skills to manage a health care center (Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, psychology centers, counselling center, physiotherapy centre and rehabilitation centers)
  • Create successful, innovate and creative strategies to reach out your clients
  • Capture and provide an authentic service at low cost strategies 

Who should attend:

  • Health Care Business Owners
  • Medical Officers
  • Doctors
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Hospital Managers
  • Health Care Consultants
  • Pharmacists, Physiotherapist
  • Psychotherapist, Psychologists
  • Counsellors, Nutritionist
  • Homeopathies
  • Social Workers
  • Entrepreneur as well as anyone who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge on health care business 

Course outlines

Module 1: Introduction and  Assessing Nature of Your Business

Module 2: Constructing a sustainability Reach Out Plan

Module 3: Developing strategies to Reach Out your Clients

Module 4: Mastering Sustainable Reaching Out Strategies

Module 5: Reaching Out your Message to Clients’ Heart

Module 6: Ways to Quickly Build Your Clientele at Low or No Cost

Module 7: Comprehensive Integrated Strategies in Health Care

Module 8: Create Your Action Plan

Module 9: Freeing Yourself From Mental Blocks & Increasing Your Prosperity Consciousness

Module 10: Serving with heart and Soul: Bringing you From Peripheral to Centre


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