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The Body Language Training Program

Regional Director of Egypt

Mr. Moustafa Marzouq

 On 20 Aug till 10 Sep 2014, The Body Language Training Program had been held in the Arab Academy for Maritime and Technology, Alexandria- Egypt.

The target of the program was some Active students of Arab Academy.

8 Students joined the program 7 of them attended the whole classes and a one of them attended the last Class Abroad due to Travelling Issues,

Arab Academy of Maritime And Technology Sponsored the Program by giving the Classes.

6 Major Topics were Discussed ( Basics of Body language – Evolution of Body language – Lie Detection – Facial Expressions – Major Movements and Translations – Human Behavior) were discussed through 6 days (24 Hours).

More than 90 Powerpoint Slides, and 165 Papers as Hard Copy Material, CD Were Provided.


NO Certificate NO. Name
1 024370 – Eman Talat Abd Al Hafeez Salem                   Female
2 024371 – Ahmed Salah Abd El-aleem Mostafa Gallow        Male
3 024372 – Nahla Osama Nabil Elshazly                             Female
4 024373 – Maryam Mohamed Mostafa                           Female
5 024374


– Aya Khaled Mohamed Helmy                             Female
6 024375


– Waleed Nabil Mohamed Abouzeid                     Male
7 024376 – Kamal Ahmed El Refy                                          Male
8 024377 – Karim Tarek Ahmed El Said Nawabwy                Male

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