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“Certified Handwriting Analyst” is a must attend training and practice guide in day to day life. As success lies more in the social domain, understanding human behaviour correctly though your eye balls is of immense important which is very well portrayed in this certified program. The ideas of exhibiting pictures are of great help to understand and articulate the points explained by the authors. The program is an invaluable to all irrespective of profession, demography and society etc.

“Certified Time Management Specialist”, I found that I have missed the most important thing in business consulting– time control, time efficient and time effectiveness! This program has surprisingly made me improve the way I manage my time. Reading the program is joyful!

I had gained a great amount of knowledge from the Chartered Attitude and Behaviour, it had helped me read the body expressions of my students and I could gather whether they are fully attentive or not in class. This aids me in the evolution of the subject that I lectured so that I could evolve it to be much more interesting for the masses.

Certified Qualitative Research Method Specialist has made it easier for me to understand my customers better and reach out to them and as a new parent; it helps me communicate better with Aqib, my two-year old son. A must attend program for anyone in sales and for all parents.

This training program of Human Behaviour Academy is very useful to enhance our ability in communicating with people from different cultures. In the world which filled with falsity and imitations like nowadays, the training program teaches us how to differentiate between sincerity and falsity. Malay proverb says, “Kita harus tahu membezakan mana emas, mana loyang”. Especially for young people, this book is very worthy. As a communication lecturer, I will suggest my students to attend the program.

This book helps me in enhancing my comprehension of human behavior and makes me realize that spoken communication can be often incomplete or untrue, if not supported by body language. It helps me to be discreet in my observations of others’ body language and signs when I communicate with them. This way, actually this book strengthens my communication ability. I am able to respond better because I understand others better. Ultimately, it makes me do well whenever I deal with people.

In the era of modern communication and gadgets, basic elements of communications easily become victims. We know that a large part of the brain is dedicated to control facial expression and as such failure to take cognizant of this aspect of gesture and expression will always lead to communication failure. I applaud efforts taken by the Human Behaviour to address this important issue and I wish all readers well.