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Signature and Human Personality: Secret of Brainwriting

Signature and Human Personality: Secret of Brainwriting

Leow Chee Seng, PhD

Council Member

A person personality can be reveal through a signature. Handwriting analysis would be incomplete if we analyse handwriting solely without considering the signature. Similarly, a signature alone is not sufficient is not sufficient to draw a clear, precise portrait. This article aims to analyse the signature and its relationship between the writers.

1. The initial letters bend towards the left-hand side, and are followed by straight or progressive letters.


The writer is still attached to his parents and suffers from past family conflicts.

2. The initial letters are high and narrow.


The writer is vain due to a profound feeling of inferiority, selfishness, arrogance.

3. The signature is smaller than the handwriting in the text.


The writer feels isolated and socially ill at ease; he suffers from psychological complexes and inhibitions. He is not confident. He usually associates with people less well ­educated than he is in order to be at ease. The humility of the writer is excessive and sometimes neurotic.

4. The baseline of the signature ascends while the text is straight.


The goals of the writer transcend his ability to achieve them. He lacks good judgment.

5. The baseline is meandering.


Instability; unreliability; the person is diplomatic and will lie if necessary.

6. The signature differs greatly from the handwriting of the text and address. (If the writer is a businessperson, doctor, or any­one who signs many letters a day, the following meaning does not apply.)


The writer is untrustworthy; he lies and dis­simulates.

7. The signature is surrounded by a paraph.


The writer is attached to his belongings; he can be possessive, but takes care of his family.

8. Vertical strokes or paraphs in the signature.


The writer is pragmatic and can be ruthless, selfish, and materialistic..

9. The signature is followed by a dot or a full stop.


The writer hardly ever trusts anyone and is usually lying.

10. The signature is crossed out by its paraph, which is often angular.


The angles reveal vengefulness, and the paraph that crosses the signature shows the writer’s destructive and often self-destructive tendencies.


Remember, the handwriting itself would not be sufficient to understand a personality. You need to learn the skills to analyse the handwriting in a holistic ways to reach the heart of a person. Your life is more meaningful and the quality of life boosts up quickly when you are able to reach people’s heart. Learn more through workshop of Brainwriting!

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