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Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing Circle

HBA provides the following Psychological Testing in the followng categories. Click on the respective [Download] link below to download the prospectus.

Career Development [Download]

Clinical Psychopathology [Download]

  • Adiction Evaluation Test [Download]
  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [Download]
  • Children Autism Inventory [Download]
  • Depression Among Postpartum Inventory [Download]
  • Depression Inventory for Adult [Download]
  • Depression Inventory for Children [Download]
  • Eating Disorder Profile [Download]
  • Life Termination Profile [Download]
  • Psychiatric Confusion Test [Download]
  • Stress Level Profile [Download]

Personality and Behaviour [Download]

Relationship Measurement [Download]

  • HBA Living And Loving Inventory [Download]
  • HBA Marriage Profile [Download]
  • HBA Parent-children Stress Profile [Download]
  • HBA Unmasking Parent Children Relationship [Download]

Work Values [Download]

  • HBA Adaptation Profile [Download]
  • HBA Awakening the Working Skills [Download]
  • HBA Success Motivation Inventory [Download]
  • HBA Success Motivation Inventory [Download]