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Trapping the Cunning Fox


Never Get Lies Again in Business, Relationships and Marriage

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This book focuses on two main key domains of deception identification. The first address in this book is the nonverbal communication that covers body language, facial expression and emotions. The verbal communication is enhanced through behaviour via psycholinguistic emphasis (PLE). We also inserted a strong message on communicative and situational contexts as extra variables to aid data confirmation with variables triangulation.

On the other smaller but extremely pertinent hand, this book helps you to be prepared for the daily changes facing you in business or social life. Couples tend to feel insecure with each other as they go along. By understanding each other’s traits, they can overcome lies and build a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Besides, couples can learn some techniques to enhance their relationship. Furthermore, this book is also suitable for police officers, lawyers and anyone who has some interest in lie detection to improve their work performance, relationship and life as a whole. We would like to conclude in stating that since we are so convinced these methods could work well for all of us, we even added a chapter on lies and deception among children. This additional chapter explores not just reactive methods but ones that you can put in place early to weed out lies and deception, not only among children but among
members of the society as well.

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Leow Chee Seng , Saiful Amin Jalun, Maisarah Ahmad, Marimuthu Nadason


Human Behaviour Academy Ltd


First Edition August 2015



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