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The AIDS Crisis


A Natural Product of Modernity’s Sexual Revolution.

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“Gift From Prophet”

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The story of this book clearly shows the great need of Muslims for a reference that guides them in Islamically preventing HIV/AIDS after the failure of the secular Western model of condoms and clean syringes. Its first edition was published in 1997.  It was widely distributed and quickly sold out by Barnes & Noble that gave it the highest 5-star rating of bookselling. Its second and third editions were published by the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa that conferred upon it the award of the best contribution to Islamic Medicine for the year 2000. In Sudan, it received the Shahid Zubair Prize in the year 2004. This is the highest award for academic excellence. The book soon achieved an international status and Muslims scholars realized the need for its translation. The book is now published in Arabic by the International African University in Sudan, in Bosnian by el-Kalem publishers in Sarajevo, in Russian by the International Institute of Islamic Thought and in the press in Swahili, the language of East African. Though it discusses in depth medical, cultural, philosophical and Islamic issues, its language is accessible to laymen.

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Malik Badri


Human Behaviour Academy Ltd, The Great Britain



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