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Selling With Heart and Soul


Transform Yourselves to be Sales Superstars.

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This book, Selling With Heart and Soul is part of the Body Language Series which focuses on the selling process and how a sales people could benefit from the cues and signals shown by customers in order to close sales. The uniqueness of this book, that we have pointed out the totally misleading and wrong concept in selling and marketing – the Caveat Emptor. In any transaction, sales people cannot shed off their responsibilities by passing the act of discovery to the buyers, sales people must declare according to what they know. If the sellers do not believe in their products, do not sell it until they understood, internalize the products.

In addition, this book suggests that marketers and sales people cannot be the tool to create unnecessary demand. One of the extremely wrong concepts of marketing is to push to consumers’ good/service beyond their needs. We have identified that, create unnecessary demand creating bad identity/brand to the organisation.

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Leow Chee Seng , Samsinar Md Sidin, Vincent Leong


Human Behaviour Academy Ltd


First Edition June 2015



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