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Certified Stress Management Specialist


The program expose candidates various type of stressors and method how to manage the stress. Practice stress management techniques.


If you were to browse through any newspapers or magazines prior to 1970, you would be hard-pressed to find the word stress in text or the headline. The stress phenomenon becomes an epidemic that the word “stress” now is used as commonly as the term “health” and “medicine”. Current estimation shows that 70 and 80 percents of all visits to physicians are for stress related disorders which the most notably chronic diseases such as coronary heart-disease and hypertension. Besides, common cold, migraine, warts, female infertility, ulcers and insomnia is directly associated to stress because stress affects our immune system. We are facing with stress each day, acute stress and chronic stress.

Don’t just look for big events as in the case of a loved one, loss of job, betrayed by best friends or family or serious illness. Those are important, but also analyze the daily hassles in your life experience, eg., traffic jams, long lines in stores, children’s problems and everyday interruptions.
Those stressors can just as strongly affect you! Let’s join the program now and you will learn various skills that benefit your whole life. Say NO! to Stress. 


The program expose candidates various type of stressors and method how to manage the stress. Practice stress management techniques. 

Learning outcomes:

After completing this training, candidates should be able to

  • Understand stressors and stress agents
  • Handle stressors effectively
  • Attack stress behaviour, thought and attitudes
  • Relax and communicate needs and feeling

Who should attend:

  • Presidents/CEO/Vice-President/Directors
  • Business Managers:- Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Operation
  • Counsellors, Psychologists, Medical Professionals
  • HR Professionals, HR Consultant,  Marketers
  • Health Professionals including nutritionist, beautician and therapists
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Teachers, lecturers and educators
  • Students and Parents
  • Anyone one who have interest to learn more on stress management

Module 1: Hidden Killer Within Us

Module 2: Revealing Power Within Us

Module 3: Breath and meditation as Relaxation Method

Module 4: Progressive Relaxation and Visualisation

Module 5: REBT as Stress Management and Behaviour Therapy

Module 6: Worry Control, Anxiety and Panic Attack

Module 7: Balance Diet Plan for Stress Reduction

Module 8: Optimism as Stress Management Tools

Module 9: Job Stress Management

Module 10: Stress and High Trauma Situation


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