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Certified Attitude and Behaviour (Application)


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Certified Attitude and Behaviour

A person’s behaviour can have a profound effect on their health and well-being. Globally, there is a growing awareness that human behaviour can both cause and alleviate social problems in a variety of domains such as health, safety, the environment, racism, intergroup relations, work motivation, productivity, politics and others.

Currently, behavioural science is widely applied in organizations especially on job performance, turnover and withdrawal behaviour, and job motivation. In politics, it is used to evaluate voter participation, voter turnout, voting choice, and partisan attitudes. Behavioural science is essential in both the business and health sectors. Understanding attitude and behaviour can help predict human behaviour which is useful in behaviour modification.

The CAB Qualification develops an understanding of the concepts of attitude and behaviour, their practical applications and professional values. This means you can build a successful career as an attitude and behaviour specialist in any sector.

There is a strong focus on professional values, ethics and governance. This is important because government and business organizations are moving towards codes of conduct, regulation and legislation. There is an increased focus on professionalism and ethics in the area of attitude and behaviour.

Certification Fees

Human Behaviour Academy Certification Fees

Fees for early and late exam entry periods apply to online entry only. Exams are held twice a year in June and December. In order to attempt exams, trainees must first register with HBA. Registrations can be made at any time in the year, but the following deadlines apply to exam sessions:

Human Behaviour Academy Certification Fees

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