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Phenomena Trending of Pokemon Go!


Begin by Introducing Pokémon Go in Foreward

Pokemon GO isn’t just consuming online traffic. No, the augmented reality game has fully integrated itself with the real-world as gamers have already shut down streets in their suit to catch ‘em all. Dozens of stories ranging from hilarious too, well, not-so-funny have emerged since the app’s debut as gamers have even stumbled upon dead bodies during their adventures. And, just a few days ago, the financial market was stunned to see that Pokemon GO had boosted Nintendo’s market value by over $9 billion dollars.


Too straight forward, ‘Pokemon Go’ trend can be used a trick for marketing ? One of the tricks is :

Trick 1: Think Through Your Strategy – Pokémon Go is a great advertisement tool for businesses, but you must know how to leverage it. If you don’t think it through then you will simply incur more costs without any return on investment. Take your time, ask the hard questions. Get convinced.

Trick 2: No Man Is An Island – You can, of course, come up with a great idea that becomes an instant hit. Still, sound off your ideas with others. Google them to see what other marketers are up to. Look around, ask around. Find out how others are going about marketing using Pokémon Go. Inquire about their experiences; apply them to your actions.

Trick 3: Action – After you have done all your research, don’t let analysis paralysis get you. Action your strategy. They say the richest place in the world is not Fort Knox or Birmingham Palace, with the gold and riches of world powers, but the common village cemetery. So many poems that were never recited, so many projects that were never commissioned, so many books that were never written. Act. Now.

Trick 4: Simple is Elegance is Genius – The simpler the strategy, the better. You might be tempted to start with the most complex and intimidating initiatives, but their return on investment is usually very difficult to correlate with the investment. If your strategy involves several initiatives, by all means, begin with the simplest initiatives—putting up a simple sign inviting Pokémon Go players in. Some businesses aren’t so welcoming.

Trick 5: One Initiative at a Time – One of the greatest frustrations of all marketing initiatives is reporting on return on investment. The trick is simple: Do one project at a time. You might be spending money on an “initiative A” that isn’t effective, but because other initiatives B, C and D are effective, you’ll never know you’re losing money on A that could be spent well on the others.

Trick 6: Videos and Pictures. Your Social Media Presence Is Not A Newspaper – This really is straight forward. Have lots of multimedia options, but emphasize on images and video clips, not text. This is a great opportunity to invite your patrons to submit or post pictures of the Pokémon they encounter at your store or restaurant. This is great content that features your storefront, plus it encourages loads of engagement on your page.

Trick 7: Outsource Pokémon Digital Marketing – If you want to take advantage of what Pokémon Go can do for your online efforts but are not digital marketing – or Pokémon-savvy, you don’t have to flounder. Hire an expert to handle it for you, so you can focus on what you do best: Providing outstanding service and products for your customers!

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