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Nonverbal Communication: Video of “Shopping at Brooklyn Flea Market”



This paper is regarding on evaluating of non verbal communication from shopping activity by consumer and seller. Chee Seng, L., Vincent Leong, Atikah Adom (2013) explained that body language is a sub-brunch of nonverbal communications known as kinesics. Expression of body language can influence several meanings when situation happened. This kind of gestures is automatic happened reflecting of the emotion and thinking of people. Whoever can better understand of nonverbal communication can eliminate misunderstanding where he are and create more exciting of life and fun.  This is a topic that more exciting and useful not even dealing for the business but in practicing in life everydays.

This video was uploaded by “hennesandmauritz” on Dec 1, 2010 with the duration of 3 minutes long. It’s related on surveying of shopping at the Brooklyn Flea Market where they interviewed several person included of sellers and buyers when they shopped at this market.

This video produced by H&M Fashion Video where they more focus on fashion and others vintage item selling at any placed. We can find this video at Shopping at the Brooklyn Flea – H&M Fashion Video.

This is a good video for us to analyze the non verbal communication because it include several action that we can recognize either sellers or buyers character when they interviewed. Their character may give a good feedback thru their experience (real story) or just simply an idea from them. After analyzing the non verbal communication thru their face and actual action, we can mark them weather they telling us a true story or just an idea of them (dishonest).

Therefore, from this video, there are seven scenes that we can analyze for this non verbal communication included area of eyes, smile, pupils and legs. This non verbal sign is the area that we can practice to understand every day particularly when we have meetings or important negotiation sessions in our business. It gives us much knowledge and valuable meanings when practicing.

Brooklyn Flea Market

Brooklyn Flea Market

Brooklyn Flea Market

Brooklyn Flea Market was located at 176 Lafayette Ave, New York, NY City. This market was opened every Saturday from 10.00 mornings till 5.00 evening. Their product selling categorizes very much variety from clothes that can categorize as vintage item until foods and beverages. The item included such vintage clothes, jewelers, handmade items, foods, records, bicycles and many more products. According to Flea Market website, there are 150 vendors selling vintage item, and foods and beverages in this market.

Scene 1




Scene 1 relate on the seller body contact when he interviewed regarding of Brooklyn Flea Market. In his explanation we can see that he’s body contact such he’s eyes and smile. At the first impression when his eyes looks upward to the left, it gives us a signal that he talking with he’s true experience. This situation happened when the left brain was an analyzing the memory regard with what he talking about. It’s like he in condition to gives thinking logically to other person.

But, after several a moment, his eyes looking upward to the right, its gives us a signal that he is talking about only he’s idea regarding of he’s point of view of Brooklyn Flea Market. Also, we can interpret that his idea as such he’s not telling the truth. He may not sure about what he want to speak or not sure about “The Best Creative Market he ever seen”. This signal gives us a hint that we only can use half of the information given by him. This happened when this man making an imaginative construction of pictures when he talk about “The Best Creative Market he ever seen”. This idea possibly was a new idea and not a concrete fact about Brooklyn Flea Market.

Also, he shows a drop-jaw smile and can be categorized as to create happy reactions between them. This happened when the lower jaw “drops” downwards. Using this technique, we can create a situation where we are happy person, friendly and helpful. Sometime, this technique is tends to create an elimination of communication barrier between interviewer and interviewee.

Scene 2

In this scene, this woman was a buyer and interviewed by H&M Fashion Video.  She interviewed regards on her shopping activity at Brooklyn Flea Market.  Refer to her body language, we can analyze that she is telling the truth when she explain about her shopping activity at Brooklyn Flea Market. It’s referring to her eye’s looking upward to the left when she speaks. It gives a sign that she’s telling a truth story about her shopping activity.


Scene 3


Scene 3, also relate on shoppers at Brooklyn Flea Market. This lady’s showing another example of eyes gestures body language. She’s looking upwards to the right when being interviewed regards of product selling in Brooklyn Flea Market. Her eye’s gives us a signal that she’s creating an imaginative construction of picture when interviewed. It can give an indicating that she’s not telling the truth when she explained about the product selling at this market is the best choice. It’s an example where people gives their opinion when relate on a situation. It is not the meaning that she cheating us but may to please something or to refrain from saying something a bad thing’s.

Scene 4


This man was a seller a being interviewed by H&M Fashion Video. He’s eyes looking down to the left when speak about activity of shopping and a product selling at Brooklyn Flea Market.  His eyes give us a sign that he likes to show he’s culture of respecting to other person when speak. In this scenario, showed like he in reflecting himself with what he talked about. The connotation of what he trying to explain is about “hey I’m not a cheating. It’s really a truth”. But, if he looked down to the right, showing that he are actually reflection to he’s internal emotional when he speak.


Scene 5




In scene 5, this lady was very attractive when she explaining about what herself and her product favorites. It resulted from her body language (her pupils), where her pupils generate a dilation of hers pupils indicate that she’s very like about that sweater (product). This response happened when her mood about product was change (excited). Chee Seng, L., Vincent Leong, Atikah Adom (2013) explained that our pupils can dilate up to four times from its original size and happened due to from outside of control of our conscious mind. We can identify the changes of dilation pupil whether in happy mood or an angry situation.

Furthermore, when speaking she’s standing with her legs closed each other, and pointing her toes to the person she speaks indicating her respect. Her legs position also eliciting that she’s telling you the truth story about herself and her emotions. This Honest Feet are common happened when someone are telling you the truth. These honest feet happened when someone put her legs together, balanced and opened towards you. Her standing positions also indicate that she feel comfortable with the conversation.

Scene 6


This scene also showed another example of dilation of pupil when this seller was interviewed. This man was explaining with fully emotional and excited about his inner feeling when conducting his business and his product selling at Brooklyn Flea Market. His dilation of pupil shows that he very excited selling his product that categorized as a “benefited” and vintage item.

Scene 7


Scene seven shows that women as a seller were interviewed about product she’s selling and other product selling at this market. When she speaks her eyes was blinking when she illustrate that item in Brooklyn Flea Market was interesting and unique. It’s indicating of lying when she speaks. It seems like her feeling want to say “hey all the items selling here was a same with everywhere and no one is unique here”.

Beside, her shoulder up also gives us a sign that she doesn’t care about her statement. For her, the important thing’s is her business. Therefore, as a consumer we should noticed about this character when we engage with buying something. Don’t over confident with what seller speaks but try to find the non verbal communication thru the seller body language. All these gesture were not lying but telling the truth whether what they speak is true or dishonest.


Nowadays nonverbal communication is one of the most powerful types of communication and it’s reflecting behavioral of individual whether it is positive or negative behavior. As a normal person we have difficulties to consider whether our friends are cheating us or not when he/she speaks. But, with the knowledge of non verbal communication it can gives us an indication of what happen inside of his/her emotion.  Sometimes our friends are not in condition of dishonest but may other factors that influence he/she not telling the truth to us. So, we must analyze the situation with carefully before jump into conclusion otherwise we will make a wrong conclusion. Therefore, this non verbal communication will gives us much gauge to help us making a decision not even for our business but for our life every day. If we used it for a good thing’s it will gives us a positive results but if we exploit it may make a negative result in or life at the ends.


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