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Nonverbal Analysis : Video Analysis

Tan Houng Chien

Please watch the video to understand how nonverbal is analysed before continue reading the article.


This article  is about non-verbal communication, understanding the nonverbal cues and signs such as face expression, gestures, eye contact and so on on the consumers. Each of this little nonverbal cue and sign on the consumers has its own meaning and by understand this meaning help us a lot in marketing and sales process. In this assignment, we were required to show a video of consumer purchasing process and define what nonverbal cues and sign that we could find from the video.

As a consumer behavior consultant, it is important to understand the consumer nonverbal cues and signs because different consumers have different behaviors, expectations and perception, and based on their nonverbal cues we could easily understand the consumer’s internal feelings whether are they mad, dislike, disagree, telling truth or others more expression and feelings either are internal or externally so that we could service the consumers well and understand the needs and wants of the consumer and this help to retain the consumers and gain their loyalty.

Face Expression


From this screen shot above (scene 1), we could observe that the eyes of Mr. Bean were open wide, his eyes are staring and focusing on something, his eyes brow and cheek were pulled upward, lip were pulled downward and with a smiling mouth on his face. This face expression shows that he was look on something that interesting to him and he was very excited about it. In the movie, Mr. Bean was actually holding his credit card perhaps for the first time he has a credit card in his life and he was excited and can’t wait to show off his credit card on his shopping day. As a consumer behavior consultant, when you were selling a products or approaching a customers and the customers are having this face expression and looking toward your products that mean the customers were have a great interest on your products and the probability of the customers purchase your products are very high thus you should spend more time to explain more details about the products. In the other hand, if the customers were having this face expression and look toward you but not the products that you were try to sell to them, this mean that the customers were having great interest on you not the products so you have to convince or try to make the customers eyes to look toward the products.


From screen shot above (Scene 2), we could observe that Mr. Bean eyes and mouth were lowered; it shows anger on his face. His eyes were partially opened, chic and cheeks were pulled downward. This face expression shows that he is dislikes, saw something unwanted or something that make him mad. This screens shot was taken, when Mr. Bean was passing by the perfume section and he dislike the smell of the perfume and make him discomfort. As a consumer behavior consultant, when your customers were having these face expressions, this mean that the customers do not have interest on your products or towards you or even feel annoying. Thus, you should not spend more time on him or her promoting or explain about the products, perhaps just leave a contact number for him or her for future enquiry if needed because the longer the times you spend on the customers, you are just making the customers angrier and discomfort and the probability of the customers purchase your products are very low.


From the screen shot above (scene 3), Mr. Bean’s eyes brow were band downward, chicks and chin pulled downward, his eyes was partially close and staring on something and his down lip is flipped out. This expression shows that he is doubting, feeling curious, unbelief or uncertainly toward the product he was look at. This screen shot was taken, when Mr. Bean was trying to purchase a toothbrush, he was doubt with the performance of the toothbrush whether it suits him or not and in the movie, he opened the toothbrush and try to brush his teeth on the spot. As a consumer behavior consultant, when you are promoting or explain a product toward a customer, his or her face expression is showing as above, this mean that he or she is doubting or unbelief on the product that your are promoting whether it is able to perform as what you mention thus you should make the customers more confident and believe on your product by letting he or she to try on the product, let them hold and feel the product and performance of the product and this help to convince more to customer rather than just explaining. When the customers are confident with it, the second step is to discussing the prices and if the prices is fine with them, they will purchase.


From the screen shot above (scene 4), we could observe that Mr. Bean face is neutralization or we could say that there is no expression on his face, it also look like there is no soul in his body, his eyes was looking blur. This expression shows that, he was boredom or day dreaming. Mr. Bean was standing on the escalators and waiting it to reach the second floor from the first floor and he was day dreaming while stand and waiting to reach second floor. When your customers were having this expression toward you while you are promoting your product, this means that your speech, conversion or your product are not interesting to the customers or make them bored. Thus, you should change your strategic immediately by change the topic or saying others things or things that interesting to the customers rather than keep explaining the product or continue with the action and after the customers start feel interest, then only you continue with your product or else at the end, the customers will just reject your offer and walk away.



We could observe that Mr. Bean eyes are wide open, mouth was partially open, forehead and eyebrows are furrowed from the screen shot above (Scene 5). His eyes were moving up right, this mean that he is using imaginative construction of picture to deceive others. This overall expression shows that he is anxious, sad, concerned or bewildered. From the movie, Mr. Bean was actually looking around whether is there anyone beside him because he would like to do something that is not allowed or unethical by opening the display toothbrush and brush his teeth without purchasing it and trying to change a new one after opened. As a consumer behavior consultant, when your customers are having this face expression, this means that you had making him feel uncomfortable or shock with your sudden existing. Thus, you should not sudden approach your customers, you should soft and friendly approach the customers and let them realize your existing only you start promoting your product. Besides that, the customers maybe are discomfort with you around him or her so you should cut short your conversion or else the probability that he or she will purchase is very low.


From the screen shot above (Scene 6), we could observe that, Mr. Bean’s eyes are partially open, his head are band down, and the important one is his torque is out and licking his lips, this gesture show that he was doing something that not allowed or he is not telling the truth. As a consumer behavior consultant, when you are asking your customers a question and your customers are having this gesture, torque out and licking his or her lip, this mean that he or she is not telling the truth regarding the question that you asked thus you should ignore the answer that answered and try to change the way of asking that question. For example, you want to know whether the person has already eaten his or her meal or not, you could ask him or her, “Have you eaten your meal yet?” or the other way like “What you eat just now?”. Both of the questions direct to the same answer but from a different way.


Chee Seng, Leow, Vincent Leong and Atikah Adom (2013); Body language exposed. Find out how your body can betray you.

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