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Monthly assembly and the appointment of a team re-branding program – HBA

Director General of Department of Fishery is taking an initiative to welcome volunteers from Fishery Department to join the re-branding exercise in the department. There is a total of 293 members in Malaysia involved in the process.

The volunteers are grouped into three groups.
a) Prime mover
b) Great Motivator and
c) Change Champion
Prime mover helps to set a direction for the rebranding exercise. Great motivation helps to create awareness and increase acceptance of the rebranding exercise. Change Champion helps to lead and manage change. These three groups are working closely to ensure the transformation process successful.
Human Behaviour Academy is happy to serve the department to move forward and have a successful re-branding exercise.
During this event
In our information, one of most important the re-branding is to make a difference so that the product is fresh, contemporary and current trends in technology.
Creative without strategy is called ‘art’.
Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.”
-Aliff Saat-
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