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Going In-Depth of Americans Gesture

Hungry Gesture

Hungry Gesture



I am tired. Pressing the palms together and resting the head on the back of the hand while closing the eyes as if sleeping.
I am hungry. patting the stomach with the hands
After eating, I am full. taking the hand and making a circular motion over the stomach.
I am thirsty. Using the hand and making a circular motion over the stomach.
I am cold, or it’s cozy or a sign of eager anticipation. rubbing the hands together.


Greetings hand shake
Farewells raise the hand and with the full, open palm wave the hand back and forth raise the hand and with a full, open palm wave the hand up and down at the wrist.
Beckoning raise the hand, with the index finger, raised about head high or a little higher raise the hand and with the full, open palm wave the hand back and forth to attract attention; curl the index finger in and out
O.K. Thumb and forefinger making a circle.
Good Job Thumbs up
“Victory” or “peace” holding the index and middle fingers upright



Yes nodding the head up and down
No Shaking the head side to side.
Thinking or confused or skeptical scratching the head
Shows attentiveness, listening direct eye contact
sharing a secret or flirtatious winking with one eye
Flirtatious gesture by men eyebrow flash(raising the eyebrows)
incredulity or amazement rolling the eyes
I can’t hear you cupping the ear
someone or something is crazy rotating the forefinger (index) around in front of the ear
disgust or What’s that smell? Wrinkling the nose
smells bad or stinks holding the nose with thumb and forefinger
Approval whistling
disapproval hiss and boo
rude, crude, insulting spitting
tiredness or boredom yawning
derision sticking out the tongue
contemplation, I am thinking chin stroke, tapping the head with forefinger


When seated, crossing legs male: crosses at the ankles; rest ankle of one leg on top of the knee of the other leg; some cross the legs at the knees. female: crosses the legs at the knees; crosses the legs at the knees and curls the upper foot around the calf of the lower leg.
aggressive and very masculine stance standing with feet apart (wide stance)
feminine stance standing with feet apart (narrow stance)
military exhibiting respect and attention heels together, toes pointed out at a slight angle
Shaking Hands Etiquette

Shaking Hands Etiquette


goal, touchdown, victory, or surrender upraised arms
defensive, disagree folded arms
aggression, resistance, impatience, or anger standing with the hands of the hips bowed outward (arms akimbo)
praise and appreciation hand-clapping or applause
Affection , friendship with children hand holding
anger, resentment, or opposition shaking the fist
“hand loose” or “relax” holding thumb and little finger extended
American Sign Language for “I love you.” lifting the hand up, palm out, and extending the thumb, forefinger, and little finger.
Congratulations high five
suicide hand cuts across the throat
“choke.” performed badly American Red Cross for “I am choking.” hand to the throat
Impatience hand cuts across the top of the head
“you have a telephone call.” with a fist, extended the thumb and little finger widely holding it up to the ear.
Hitchhiking, Baseball meaning “Out.” make a fist with thumb up and making a sweeping motion.
Waving Goodbye extend the hand outward, palm down, fingers spread, and then bobbing the whole hand up and down.
Money rubbing the thumb and forefinger together
pointing extend the hand with the index finger
“No, no, don’t do that.” waggling the forefinger back and forth
Good luck crossing the fingers
get someone’s attention, music snapping the fingers
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