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Global Certification of Body Language

Global Certification of Body Language

This project combines experts from four countries

Project Head:

Mr. Sachchidanand Swami (India)


Associate Professor Dr. Leow Chee Seng (Malaysia)

Dr. Mihaela Stroe (Romania)

Mr. Stu Dunn (New Zealand)

Module/Level#1: Introduction to Body Language Basics (IBBL)

  1. Understand Concept of Nonverbal Communication
  2. Apply the Right Methodology to Analysis Nonverbal Communication
  3. The Window to our Soul
  4. Unraveling an Enigma: Facial Expressions
  5. Touch – A Bonding Interaction
  6. The Center of Power: Hands
  7. Defensive and Opening Channels: Arms
  8. Feeling or Emotion Expresser: Emotional Feet
  9. Space and Body Language
  10. Nonverbal Communication and Daily Application

Module/Level#2: Techniques of Interpreting Body Language (TIBL)

Part – A) Factors affecting on our Body Language

  1. Cultural background
  2. Individual nature
  3. Social situation
  4. Chronemics (Time)
  5. Peripheral aspects

Part – B) Methodologies to Analyses of Body Language 

  1. Putting into a cluster
  2. Checking consistency
  3. Understanding context
  4. Observer’s Approach
  5. Alternative Interpretation?

Module/Level#3: Mastering the Art of Interpersonal Communication (MAIC)

  1. Active listening
  2. Conversational Management
  3. Empathy and flexibility of communicator
  4. Self-awareness and self-management
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Nonverbal Intelligence
  7. Appropriateness for the situation
  8. Power and Influence cues
  9. Interpersonal communication in leadership
  10. Conflict resolution

Module/Level#4: Advance Training of Lie Detection (ATLD)

  1. Facial Expressions: In Depth Universal Emotions
  2. Introduction to FACS
  3. Gestures and Body Language Overview: Hands, Arms & Legs
  4. Gestures and Body Language for Deception: Emblems, Manipulators and Speech Illustrators
  5. Detecting Deception 1: Definitions, Distinctions & Introduction to Video Analysis
  6. Detecting Deception 2: Terminology, Recognizing Lies
  7. Detecting Deception 3: Voice, Verbal Style and Verbal statements
  8. Introduction to Memory, Discourse Analysis and Investigative interviewing
  9. Practice is the Only Way
  10. Putting It All Together – Final Test