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Pathway to Achieve Certified Attitude and Behaviour

The following chart summarises the process to assist you to obtain professional qualification of Certified Attitude and Behaviour Practitioners (CAB).

Part One

Candidates need to complete Four (4) Basic Modules Respectively
CAB 1003 Psychological Foundation of Attitudes and Behaviours
CAB 1013 Human Emotions, Attitude and Behaviours
CAB 1023 Psychological Assessment
CAB 1033 Application of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Examination Format: 50 Objective Questions


Part Two

Candidates need to complete Two (2) Professional Modules
CAB 2003 Predicting and Behaviour Modification
CAB 2013 Professional Ethics in Attitude and Behaviour

Examination Format: 4 Essay Questions


Certified Attitude and Behaviour


Part Three (Optional)

Candidates need to complete 300 Hours of Professional Practical
Individual therapy/consultancy – 90 hours
Group therapy/consultancy – 70 hours
Guidance activities — 70 hours
Management & administration – 70 hours

Examination Format: Submission of Report
(Click here for Internship Report Format)


Certified Attitude and Behaviour