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F.A.Qs – Program Features


1. What is Distance Learning like at Human Behaviour Academy?


Distance Learning is learning that takes place away from the traditional classroom. It consists of communication between Learner and faculty that occurs electronically. When you become a Learner, you are authorized to access the HBA Learning portal that we use. This enables you to work with your Faculty Mentor and communicate with fellow Learners to complete your course requirements.

You can try if online learning is suitable for you – Click Here.

2. When can I start?


You can start at any time! Enrollment is continuous because you can start your study anytime within a year. However, you have to remember, you need to choose to sit for the examination either by June or December. Simply submit your online application for admission. After processing, we will contact you regarding the status.

3. Do I have to attend classes?


Since Human Behaviour provides online facilities, there are no class schedules. You can fit your learning into your busy schedule by satisfying course requirements within the term of semester. You will work closely with your Faculty Mentor to assure that all work is completed, but you never have to attend a classroom on campus.

4. How often do I need to participate in my course?


Students taking online courses at HBA are expected to finish the reading materials before the examination. There is formal attendance is needed. However, candidate is encouraged to participate all the activities in the course. In most cases, you should expect to academically participate in your course at least two times in the whole semester. You are required to meet the academic mentor online to discuss the development of your studies.

5. Can I transfer prior college credit to the Chartered Attitude and Behaviour Program?


Yes. As part of the admission process, we will evaluate your prior academic work and award credit earned at appropriately accredited colleges or universities.

6. What are the differences between Chartered Attitude and Behaviour (CAB) and Chartered Attitude and Behaviour Practitioner (CABP)?


Chartered Attitude and Behaviour (CAB) is designed for professional who would like to specialise in concept, theory and practicability aspect of attitude and behaviour. This program (CAB) is designed for professional who do not have interest to practise the therapy or consultancy to serve the client. The priority of Chartered Attitude and Behaviour (CAB) is the prestigious qualification as an award of their professional field in the area of attitude and behaviour.

However, Chartered Attitude and Behaviour Practitioner (CABP) aims to train professional that is able to conduct therapy and consultant to apply concept of attitude and behaviour. Candidate must undergo a minimum of 300 hours of practical therapy and consultancy to apply what they have learnt in area of attitude and behaviour.

7. How fast can I progress?


Our programs are designed for motivated adult Learners with busy lives. You can enroll in two courses at a time and can complete programs more quickly by taking more courses simultaneously. By completing two subjects in one semester (June/December), you can complete the program in 1.5 years for Chartered Attitude and Behaviour (CAB) if you do not want to have a practitioner licence. However, you need 2 years for Chartered Attitude and Behaviour Practitioners (CABP) that covers your practical requirement.


8. What is the formal recognition that Chartered Attitude and Behaviour?


Human Behavior Academy is part of the ACS Global Network of colleges who have been offering educational courses since 1979. The quality of these courses command respect in academic circles within a range of disciplines in the UK, Australia and beyond. Many of our staff includes world renowned academics from several countries, and it maintains active partnerships with respected institutions in several countries including Ireland, Australia and Singapore. Many of these affiliates are formally recognised by government education authorities in their respective countries.

9. What about the accreditation? 


At the successful completion of your Course, you are automatically entitled to become accredited with the Human Behaviour Academy and our world-wide affiliates.

This accreditation places you on our published register of professional therapist, details the assignments you’re prepared to accept and can possibly lead to valuable commissioned assignments. Remember, however, there is no substitute for building your own important contacts. In addition, you automatically receive our “Professional Identification Pass”. Your Pass is free.

10. What is the used of the Professional Identification Pass?


This Pass identifies you as a professional therapist and provides an important tool in the course of your work. You’ll also find your Pass can open many doors for you. For example, you can reasonably expect access to many professional exhibitions and professional discounts.

11. Is it OK that I have never studied before?


Absolutely. Many of our students are in a similar position. At Human Behaviour Academy, you learn at your own pace, in your own home. Each lesson, set out in easy to understand language, takes you step by step through the course. There’s no pressure, no competition and our friendly, patient tutors will help you overcome any problems you may have. If you ever need additional assistance simply contact Student Services at and help will never be far away.

12. Will I receive a certificate at the end of my course?


Upon successful completion of your tutored module, you’ll receive Human Behaviour Academy’s Certificate of Completion in recognition of your achievement. What’s more, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make the most of your new skills. Once you have completed all modules, a complete transcript and certificate would be awarded.

13. How much time is needed each week for study?


There are no set time requirements, you work at your own pace. You may wish to rush through some sections – the flexible nature of our courses allows you to fit in studying around all the other areas of your life – family, work and so on. As little as 1 hour per week would be required with some of our courses, while other courses could take longer depending on how much research and effort you wish to do. You will have up to four years for most correspondence courses and up to one year for online to complete your course, more then enough time to master your chosen subject.

14. Are there any disadvantages of Distance Learning?


Since you never attend a lecture or discussion in distance learning, your academic success lies in your own hands. A successful distance learner must be dedicated and self-disciplined. If you are capable of motivating yourself to complete all of your work in a timely manner, HBA’s online learning format is perfect for you!

15. Do I need special technical skills to access an online course?


We recommend that students taking an online course be comfortable using a computer and navigating the Internet. Common skills necessary for success in an online course include ability to use e-mail and the ability to download files from the Internet.