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F.A.Qs – Program Evaluation


1. Can I postpone my examination to the next session?


You need to provide a valid reason such as health problem and medical certificate to prove the needs of delaying the examination. However, you need to provide at least 1 (one) month notice for the management to enable the system to defer your study to the following semester.

2. What are the passing marks of the program?


The following table show how the grade of the progam

CAB FAQ Programme Evaluation Q2

3. What is the procedure to appeal after the examination?


For Part I examination, no appeal is allowed because it is an objective questions and the evaluation is done by the computer system. For part II, candidate can do the appeal online and request for remark.

4. Can I re-sit the examination if I fail?


You can register the program again and re-sit the examination during the next sitting. However, we provide special attention to repeat candidates.