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F.A.Qs – Human Behaviour Academy


1. What is the faculty like?


Our experienced Faculty Mentors will serve as your instructors to assist you in reaching your educational goals. One-on-one contact with a Faculty Mentor is similar to having your very own highly qualified tutor. Many traditional universities simply do not offer these advantages.

2. What else makes HBA different?


At HBA, you, as the Learner, are the focal point of the learning process. We will be here every step of the way to guide and assist you because you are our top priority. In addition, HBA is “user friendly.” Our Faculty Mentors provide continual guidance to you throughout every course of your degree so you are sure to succeed and reach all of your academic goals.

3. Is Human Behaviour Academy accredited internationally?


Human Behaviour Academy is accredited by IMEXA (The International Micro Expressionists Association) as Micro Expression Training Centre in the United Kingdom and International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

In addition, all programs offered by Human Behaviour Academy are accredited by

  • Caring for Emotional Health Counselling (UK),
  • The International Association for Applied Control Theory
  • ACS Global Partners Network.

Human Behaviour Academy is also the member of

  • The International Association for Applied Control Theory
  • European Human Behaviour & Evolution Association
  • British Institute for Learning and Development

4. What if I have more questions?


Your Faculty Mentor and Academic Advisor are available by email and skype for assistance. Your academic advisor will guide you step-by-step through the program. If we have not answered your question in this FAQ section, please email ( and skype (HBAcademyUK) for an admissions representative.