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F.A.Qs – Facilities of Human Behaviour Academy


1. Where can I purchase my textbooks?


Learners can obtain textbooks from any source of their choice. Once the candidate has registered with the program, you can download the next book from the student portal. However, candidate cannot distribute the book to the other parties and the text book is strictly for educational purposes only.

2. Does Human Behaviour Academy provide library services?


Yes. The Library provides HBA Learners with assistance in utilizing the reference database, library catalog, and other learning resources. Learners can access descriptive listings of top print sources in various academic disciplines and links to Internet resources. Inter-library loan and document delivery services help Learners obtain materials that are typically unavailable at local libraries. A librarian is available to assist with your needs as well.

3. What assistance does Human Behaviour Academy offer to students who need extra academic support?


If you are like most Human Behaviour Academy students, then you are probably a working adult, and maybe it has been some time since you took a college-level class. Have no fear! HBA’s online programs are specifically designed for adult learners. You will have your own personal Student Advisor who will support you through the entire process, and help answer many of your questions. Your instructors strive to be very understanding, supportive, and easy to contact.

4. How do I request an official transcript?


To request a transcript from Human Behaviour Academy, please apply through student portal. However, if you need an official transcript, please complete and return a transcript request form.