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Exam Requirement

Human Behaviour Academy Examinations

For candidates without a relevant postgraduate qualification are required to sit for all modules from CAB 1003, CAB 1013, CAB 1023, CAB 1043. Each module is consisted of training modules and an examination. The examination is consisted of 50 objectives questions.

For candidates with an undergraduate and postgraduate qualification, they can apply for exemption for the modules. The exemption depends on the subjects taken during their undergraduate degree and also relevant experience. For those who involved in social without undergraduate degree but with more than 10 years relevant working experience can apply for the exemption of modules. However, the candidates need to sit for a qualifying examination which consists of 100 objectives questions that covers the skills and knowledge covered in the modules.

Part two which consist of two subjects CAB 2003 Predicting and Behaviour Modification and CAB 2013 Professionalism in Attitude and Behaviour. Candidates need to sit for 3 hours written essay examinations each paper.