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HBA Certification

The Certified Attitude and Behaviour (CAB) is the highest recognition of attitude and behaviour practitioners who have attained a competent level of academic and practical understanding of attitude and behaviour. The chartered designation demonstrates that you are a professional. Chartered programme announces your professional competency, achievement of high standards of experience, knowledge and conduct to your employer, clients or customers, and to your peers in the attitude and behaviour profession.

Achievement – Not all who engages in attitude and behaviour will gain a certification, making it an accomplishment.

Professionalism – Your value will be increased as the status signifies to others you have a high level of professionalism.

Recognition – Certified Attitude and Behaviour will get a framed personalised certificate, and the privilege of using the CAB designation on your letterheads and business cards.

Knowledge – Certification will improve the value of your understanding of attitude and behaviour.

Leadership – Through certification, you demonstrate adherence to continuous improvement and high standards of professionalism.