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Congratulation! Certified Body Language Practitioners

We would like to congratulate the following participants to be certified as Certified Body Language Practitioners. The name list is released after obtaining the approval of senate and council members of the The name and their license number is listed as below   Azleena Zainal Abidin (Malaysia) – 024518 Saiful Azhar Zolkipli (Malaysia) – 024519 Norhafizah Hanzah (Malaysia) […]

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Gestures : Korea

Gesture among Korean GREETING GESTURES Among themselves, bowing is the traditional form for both greeting and departing. Western and Korean male friends usually greet with both a slight bow and shaking hands. When shaking hands, both hands are sometimes used. Women usually do not shake hands, especially with men, but usually just nod slightly. The […]

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COMMON GESTURES Among Americans Americans are a not touch oriented. In normal social situations, Americans generally stand about 30 inches apart from one another, which is also considered their personal “comfort zone.” At sporting events or the theatre, Americans usually slide into a crowded aisle while facing forward, away from the people.   Gesture Meaning […]

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