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Behavior Analysis and Alteration

Behavior Analysis and Alteration


Sachchidanand Swami

Council Member, Human Behaviour Academy, UK

In today’s expanding personal, social, and professional world that is full of challenges and opportunities equally; effective communication is very important to exchange facts, thoughts, and opinions among individuals whether it’s verbal, written or nonverbal communication. But above the communication and its various channels lays individual’s behavior that affects on seemingly every aspect of life. Many times, response or behavior towards others in a given situation can make true difference. You can’t change direction of wind but you can adjust you sails.

One wins and other looses only because of behavioral difference between two individuals. Even for the person who losses in a given situation, it can be really learning and insightful deal to win in future. Your behavior is the aspect you can change for better life for sure. Many of us don’t recognize the validity of a particular behavior or behavior patterns but consciously desire to modify it after knowing its side effects.

Many give up altering their behavior and stick to innate practices in daily life because of lack of scientific knowledge and techniques. Human behavior is almost unconscious and deeply rooted into our biology, psychology, neurology, society, culture, genetic heritage, and most important – an upbringing. Until we don’t know how all these factors shape our instincts, habits, mentality, and emotional character; we may not be able to alter our behavior in positive ways and without harming sense of integrity.

Behavior Analysis and Alteration

Do you think punishment or negative reinforcement is the best way of behaviour alternation? Negative reinforcement could only change the behaviour temporary. In order to change the behaviour permanently among children, we shall reach the heart and soul of children.

While altering behavior that an individual assume as adverse, it’s more important to analyze it on practical basis. Your dream and desire to become kind of person you feel you should be, must be grounded in reality and unbiased approach to yourself and world around you. An individual may not able to justify behavior outcome because on its own but it’s the outside world dose it most of time. Many people back fall of future predictions but hardly obligate to alter their own behavior by which future can be changed. If you sow grain of wheat in ground, it’s funny expecting it to be a plant bearing sweet apples.

Science of Behavior Analysis and Alteration is more advanced and accurate and it’s continuously transforming with research conducted all across the globe by many psychologists, ethologists, biologists, sociologists, and neurologists. Many theories and models exist today to analyze and alter behavior. One can witness dramatic transformation in own personality and character through systematic education. Harmful behavior pattern can be replaced by useful and positive one after by counseling and consultation from expert professionals.

Human Behavior Academy (United Kingdom) is a group of such professionals belonging to diverse social, academic, and practical backgrounds from many countries. There are psychologists, sociologists, behavior modelers and analysts, and body language – emotion recognition experts. Because of such variety of expertise and skills, it’s very promising for an individual or group to approach, seek, and benefit from different services, trainings, and publications made available by them.

Considering the shifting global scenario and challenges, it could be very wise decision to approach the dedicated experts and professionals and get assistance with open mind and on cooperative grounds. In future, many specialists of specific working conditions and demands would serve and keep expanding their work for people who desire to transform their live through holistic practices. Best wishes!

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