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Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything.

Attitude is important—it affects:

How successful you are in achieving your academic and personal goals

  1. How you feel, mentally and physically
  2. How you look,what you say and what you do


Do you Agree?

Do you Agree?

Do you have a positive attitude?

Are you willing to learn, no matter how difficult it is?

  1. Do you do your best when studying, and try to improve how you do your work?
  2. Do you demonstrate enthusiasm in whatever you say and do?
  3. Do you welcome challenges, experiment, try new ideas?
  4. Do you have a sense of humor by not taking yourself too seriously?

I found a picture that is very interesting that guide me to write the next part in term of attitude

If you have confident, you can change the world.

If you have confident, you can change the world.

7 Easy Ways to Develop a Positive Attitude:

  1.  Be confident
  2. Be positive
  3. Be punctual
  4. Be patient: some things just take time to do
  5. Believe in yourself: you are unique in this world, and so are your talents
  6. Set goals for yourself: then WORK hard to achieve them
  7. Get fun out of life: don’t take yourself too seriously

Test yourself on the “positive attitude” checklist:

1. Do you believe in yourself?

2. Do you want to improve?

3. Do you have goals?

4. Do you have a plan to achieve your goals?

5. Are you willing to change?

6. Are you on time?

7. Are you patient?

8. Are you a good listener?

9. Are you willing to make mistakes?

10. Do you enjoy life?







Planning ahead

“I’ll make a schedule.”


“It doesn’t matter.”

Willingness to learn

“I’ll ask for help.”



“If it happens, it happens.”


“I’ll concentrate and pay attention.”


“It’s not interesting.”


Knowing your goals

“I want to improve.”


“I don’t understand it.”



“I’ll try my best.


“It’s not worth my time.”



“I’ll work on it now.


“It’s too much trouble.”




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