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Analyse Consumer Behaviour – Insight Review

Wee Soon Ming


Watch this video before continue reading this article 

Nonverbal communication is behavior, other than spoken or written communication, that creates or represents meaning. In other words, it includes facial expressions, body movements, and gestures. Nonverbal communication is talking without speaking a word. It is very effective, maybe even more so than speech.

In this assignment, a video about consumer purchase behavior is selected and analyzed to understand how consumer behaves when making a purchase. The video selected for this assignment is about a buyer looking for a Cannon D7 camera in the shopping mall. The first salesmen he met quoted him RM 4950 for the camera. However, he was not interested with the deal because it was too expensive. He then continues surveying other camera shops.

On the other hand, the salesman starts his strategy to convince that guy who rejected his offer. First, he disguise into another salesman and coded the same price to the buyer to build up a perception that the market price of the camera is around RM 4950. Second he disguise into a lady to attract the buyer attention and continue emphasized that the price RM 4950 is the best price in the market. Finally, he gets a guy to fake a purchase of the camera in front of the buyer to build up the trust and confidence of the buyer toward the deal. In the end, the buyer is convinced with the deal and purchase the camera from the salesman.

Throughout the whole buying process, the expressions of the buyer and the salesman is been captured and analyzed in detain to understand the behavior of the buyer and the salesman. A total of 9 scenes is captured and analyzed for this assignment. Each scene will be discussed in detail on the next section of the assignment.

Scene 1


The sales person in the figure shows a lopsided smile while pushing forward a Cannon 7D camera to the customer. His eye brown is raised and he looks directly to his customer indicates that he puts all his attention to the customer. His body posture is straight with his chest face upward shows that he is full of confidence in making the sales. One side of his lips moves upward and another side move downward. This smile is known as the lopsided smile or the twisted smile. The smile is interpreted as a mix of both positive and negative emotion. The positive side shows that the sales person is happy because he found a customer who has interested to buy a camera while the negative side is that he also feels sorry for the customer to pay for the overpriced camera.

Scene 2


The person in the picture shows a doubtful expression after finding out that the Cannon 7D cost about RM 4950 after discount. He is not sure about the market price of the camera hence he shows a doubtful look. The shape of the person lips change from loose to tight and finally disappear. This indicates that he is in stress and not interested in the offer. In addition, he also shows a defensive cross arm gesture when talking to the sales person. This indicates that he is uncomfortable with the sales person and defensive toward the offer. The motion of touching his arm with his hand shows that he is trying to comfort himself by self-touching after finding out that the price of the Cannon 7D model camera was so expensive.

Scene 3


The sales person in the figure demonstrates a confident walk. His body posture is straight with the head straight up and eye looking forward observing everything in front of him. Both of his arms swing naturally in a relaxed manner. His shoulders are slightly bent to the back with his chest facing up. In addition, he also walks in a slow and comfortable manner. This shows that he is not in a rush or nervous to get the job done. The walking style of the person indicates that the he is full of confident on his strategy to convince the customer to buy the Cannon 7D camera.

Scene 4


The guy in the picture shows a helpless expression because the price offered by the sales person is same as the first offer. Both his hand are lifted up at chest level with his palm facing upward. His shoulders is slightly rise and his face expression bewilderment. This shows that he is not interested in the offer if the price remains the same. His eye looks away further indicates that he is not interested in the deal. The tight lips and mouth pull down shows that he is unhappy with the price.

Scene 5


The picture above shows the negotiation process between the buyer and the sales person. The one on the left side is the buyer and the one on the right side is the sales person. From the picture we can observe that the buyer trusts his finger toward the sales person and ask the sales person to give him the best price he could offer. This shows that he is hoping to get more discounts from the sales person and command him to offer the best price. On the other hand, the sales person rises up his hand to show an open palm stop signal. This hand gesture can be explained in two ways. First, the stop signal is use to ask the buyer to wait or hold on because he needs to call his boss to ask for the best price. The stop signal also helps to use to calm the buyer who request for discount. The second explanation indicates that the open palm stop signal is use for defensive purpose. It is naturel that when people are pointing something at us, we will automatically block it with our hand. Hence it is a defensive reaction to protect ourselves from harm.

Scene 6


The guy in the picture show that he is in shock after looking at the salesman who dresses like a lady. His expression starts with a surprise expression followed by disgust expression. Based on the picture, his facial expression shows that his lips is loose, jaw slightly drop down, eye wide open, eyebrow rise directly upward. All this indicates that he is in shock. In addition, his body moves slightly backward to keep a distance from the salesman who dresses like a girl.

Scene 7


The expression shown in the picture indicates that he is in the process of making the decision whether to purchase the camera or not to purchase. The eye looking sideway indicates that he is recalling all information gather from surveying the 3 camera shops. The previous customer who bought the camera in front of him also further enhances his confidence in the Cannon 7D model camera. The expression of licking his lips shows that he is nervous and stress. In general, he is analyzing the price offer by the 3 different sales people and tries to make a decision to buy from which camera shop.

Scene 8


After doing a survey from 3 camera shop, he had come to a point to make a decision on the camera purchase. The praying hand shown in the picture indicates that he is fully concentrated on analyzing all the information gathered from the 3 surveys. It also reflects confident of a person in decision making. His eye looking up means that he is visualizing or making picture of his thought on buying the Cannon 7D model camera. In addition, the tight lips indicate that he is in stress. All these expression are usually shown on people who is about to make his final decision.

Scene 9


At the end of the decision making process, he had decided to buy the Cannon 7D model camera from the third sales person who dress like a lady. The picture above shows that he is interested on the deal and agrees to take the offer. He expresses his expression of agreement by nodding his head. His head was slightly tilted to one side when he agrees to take the offer. This shows signals of interest and trust on the Cannon 7D model camera.

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