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Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values

Living in a dynamic global environment, life becomes more challenging. To sustain ourselves in this competitive world, it is necessary to take a holistic approach to understanding how the knowlegde of attitude and behaviour can help shape the future and prepare us for what is to come. Regardless of which industry we are in, we must get ready for tomorrow today. Understanding the human mindset is vital for our survival.


To create a balanced and healthy society through strong mental health, particularly understanding people through their attitude and behaviour.


To create an awareness of the importance of attitude and behaviour as the fundamental of mental health.

To develop a healthy society through the promotion of healthy attitude and behaviour.


  • Professional
    An institution with proven professional standard in academic, training, consultancy, research and publishing.
  • Prestige
    An aspiring institution with a reputation for providing solution to people attitude and behaviour
  • Quality
    The quality of the product and service that the institution offers are tailored to meet the needs of current dynamic global environment.
  • Recognised
    Dedication to high standards, and new way of thinking creates a strong profile nationally and internationally.