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Tuba Arslan

Tuba Arslan

Regional Director (Turkey)

Tuba Arslan was born in Malatya, from the eastern part of Turkey in 1982. She moved to the USA with her family when she was five years old and started school there, then moved back to Turkey again. After a couple of years in Turkey she moved back to the States in 1999 and started her education in Abraham Lincoln High School in New York.

She moved once again to Turkey and started studying English Language and Literature at a public university in the middle eastern Turkey, and graduated in 2005.

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During these years she started teaching in private courses. She has been teaching English since. After graduation she worked at a private university in Istanbul in the department of translation.

She now studies her MA degrees in art, in English language and literature, at the same time she teaches at a public university in her hometown Malatya. She is a lecturer of English and a translator. She is interested in human psychology, NLP, yoga, meditation, plates and everything that involves healthy lifestyle.

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