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Tiwari, Ram Prasad

Tiwari, Ram Prasad

Regional Director (Nepal)

Mr. Tiwari, Ram Prasad is the Senior Business Promotion Officer at Industrial Enterprise Development Institute, Nepal. He obtained his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Currently, he is in the position of Branch Manager of Industrial Enterprise Development Institute Branch office in Pokhara, Nepal. He is competent in facilitating entrepreneurship and enterprise development program development, facilitation training, capacity building for private sector development, group mobilization and conduction of Training of Trainers.

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He has experience to building capacity of local partners’ to deliver the services for the promotion and development of rural as well as micro enterprises, increase the income of poor and marginalized people through the development of micro enterprisesTo develop partners’ capacity and promote their role in economic development of the district, embed the business development service concept in the programs, networking and coordination with government, non government and private sectors for the delivery of integrated support packages of micro enterprises development to the target groups.

In addition, he is the expert to promote public private civil partnership for enterprise development. Furthermore, he promotes small and medium level enterprises through the development of entrepreneurship and business management development of the existing and potential entrepreneurs, design and conduction of micro enterprise creation and development training of trainers for the development of human resources of intermediary organizations and build up the capacity of business development service providers involving promotion of enterprises for delivering enterprise development activities.

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