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Shafiq R. Bhuiyan

Shafiq R. Bhuiyan

Regional Director (Bangladesh)

I began my career in the year 2007 with a local NGO in Bangladesh named CSR Centre. CSR stands for corporate social responsibility which is a concept of how businesses, especially the profit making organizations should behave and respond to their stakeholders’ interest in terms of the nature of profit, the social impact and the environmental obligations and stewardship.

I am a business graduate from the Institute of Business Administration of Jahangirnagar University in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and as part of the 4-years bachelor course, I completed my internship with the CSR Centre and later proceeded my career there till 2012 June.

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While working with the CSR Centre, I was involved in training of corporate employees on how to contribute individually to embed CSR in the organization through their day-to-day work, and it was not very easy. They had to bring some changes in their behavior and attitude in terms of looking at things beyond the job description, looking for change, caring for their individual’s impact at office, caring for job, work life balance, working in teams, being proactive, showing things by doing them, leadership traits in everybody, critical and strategic management of situations and mutual relationship with subordinates and supervisors.

I also ran 3 social compliance projects where I had to train both workers and mid-level factory managers on how to be united to claim their rights and at the same time be respectful to the management and job. I also had to convince their senior managers and owners on how a slight change in their thoughts and behavior can create a big positive impact at their factory level. I am a certified lead auditor for SA8000, an international standard for social compliance, which required not just auditing things but also to be polite in making them understand certain responsibilities that might benefit the company recognizing their individual contribution to the profit maximization.

I was a regional trainer for the United Nations Global Compact and as part of the Investment for Development (I4D) project of UNESCAP Thailand I conducted trainings on Global Compact and CSR in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. All the trainings required participants to be certain changes in their behavior ad attitude so as to enable creating a win-win situation that benefits both the employer and the employee.

I am currently working for HelpAge International that works to ensure rights of the elderly. This has been so far the most challenging job for me as we have to sensitize people that ageing is not a disease rather it adds on experience and patience to people that repays with value addition for social development and social awareness on various issues. We have to convince both older people and their family members that person at an old age has a lot to contribute to the family and above all the society.

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