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Prof. José Manuel Petisco Rodríguez

Prof. José Manuel Petisco Rodríguez

Regional Director (Spain)

Professor José Manuel Petisco is the Professor at the “Expert in nonverbal behavior” master of the Universidad Camilo José Cela. He obtained his degree in psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid. In addition, he also obtained a Certified in Social Communication from the Complutense University and Ministry of Defense; Certified in Teaching Ability; Certificate of Proficiency in tutor training on-line by the University of Salamanca;

Currently, he is the position of Head of Training and Development of the Military Academy of Educational Sciences Centre that provides educational courses for officers and NCOs from the three Forces and the Civil Guard as teachers who are allocated in various academies and training centers fitness.

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In addition, Prof. Jose teaches in the Assessor Training Courses Quality Education. He has worked as a psychotherapist with the Service of Applied Psychology at the Autonomous University of Madrid and directed a Social Skills module in the same center.

Currently, he is the Trainer Assessor Course of Teaching Quality; Trainer of trainers in educational psychology fields and Trainer and lecturer in Workshops and related “nonverbal behavior” conference (Universidad Camilo José Cela, Spanish Verification Unit, Civil Guard, Armed Forces, Intelligence courses, etc.)

Furthermore, he has involved in various seminars especially in the the field of communication, verbal and nonverbal behavior conferences. On top of these workshop and seminar, he has conducted several workshops on the detection of deception particularly for the Armed Forces Intelligence. Currently, Prof. Jose is the lecturer for the program ” Master in nonverbal behavior” of the Universidad Camilo José Cela.

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