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Prof. Haniel Nyaga Gatumu

Prof. Haniel Nyaga Gatumu

Council Member

In Kenya a lot of emphasis is on cognitive domain development while not paying enough attention to affective (attitude) and dialogical (relationship) domains. My recent research experience shows that these areas or domains such as drug and substance abuse, HIV and AIDS, parental behavior and delinquency, indiscipline, motivational and emotional issues; grieving, depression and suicide, types of punishment and many other such areas need to be given more attention than they have been receiving. These are the areas which fall very well in Human Behavior and attitudes.

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Thus, because of my background, training and experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge on the area of Human Behavior and attitude. I have supervised researches on all these areas indicated above and others.

The institutions in Kenya which deal with Human Behavior and attitude include families, schools, Universities, rehabilitation centres, faith institutions and others. These institutions need support, to be strengthened and better professional management to deal with these issues.

As indicated above, there is limited research on these areas done in Kenya. Many of these researches points out clearly that; counseling and exposure or training of individuals or clients as a major recommendation towards positive behavior and attitude change. Indeed, it is clear that more collaborative research needs to be done to fill the gaps related to youth behavior, family responsibility and curriculum changes as some of the areas in Human Behavior and attitude.

On issue of training, formal and informal ways of training need to be strengthened. The world has become a global village and methods used elsewhere or in other areas need to used. Internet, social media cannot be ignored when considering such a complex issue as training. Better methods of online learning need to be adopted. Face to face training has its strengths and can be used more so with the trainers, basic levels or those acquiring more advance training PH.D and such in Human Behavior and attitude.

In summary, my broad training, experience and qualification; and as an Associate Professor of Psychology in the University of Nairobi, Kenya are very relevant to what the vision and mission of Human Behavior Academy are.

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