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Prof. Dr. Rafael M. López Pérez

Prof. Dr. Rafael M. López Pérez

Council Member

Rafael obtained a Ph,D. in Psychology from Camilo José Cela University, Madrid. He is the President at Behavior & Law, Research Foundation and Director at “Nonverbal” Nonverbal Behavioral Analysis Group.

In the field of research, is leading several research in the field of emotional expression and recognition and in the field of lie detection.He has published numerous scientific papers (some of them with David Matsumoto) on facial expression, gestures and emotional prosody.

He is the director and professor of the Master in Nonverbal Behavior, Camilo José Cela University at Madrid. Also runs university courses, short-term, the “Crimina” group at the Miguel Hernández University.

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Regularly, he gives lectures on nonverbal behavior, many of which are aimed at law enforcement.

In 2008 he founded the Club of Nonverbal Language, popular science blog about non-verbal language, which has thousands of subscribers and more than 300,000 people annuallytraffic.

From January 2014 he launches the Forensic Science Club, with a similar operation, aimed at disseminating scientific content in Spanish on the subject.

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