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Moustafa Marzouq

Moustafa Marzouq

Regional Director (Egypt)

Mr. Moustafa Marzouq has been training and experiencing Non verbal communication and body language since 2009. He has trained more than 10000 trainees on body language, and he is a well and popular trainers and lecturer all over Egypt, and Lebanon. His specialist includes:

  • Lie detection.
  • The effective communication skills through body language.
  • The body language Expert.

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  • The Charisma.
  • The body language tricks for better communication.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Understanding Emotion through Facial expressions.
  • Body language and communication skills

In addition, Mr. Moustafa involved in various universities seminar and always appear in different live interview in various channels such as MBC Channel (kalamNawa’em) about Lie detection; Rotana Channel about the verbal leakage science; Al-Askandrya Channel; Delta channel about the positivity after 25 Jan and various project and consultancy work with Personal styles with Alexandria center of arts.

Also too many Online Lectures for Arabs, moreover, he has been introduced by many TV channels, Such as MBC, and Rotana. He also wrote in many journals and online Journals. His latest book, “Verbal Leakage.”

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