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Masahiro Hosoda

Masahiro Hosoda

Regional Director (Japan)

Masahiro Hosoda is a PhD researcher of School of Business Administration at Meiji University in Japan. He is now in South Korea as a Senior Researcher, Asia Research Center at Woosong University. He will be a Lecturer in Business Administration at Sakushin Gakuin University in Japan (April 1st, 2014).

His major is management accounting mainly Fixed Revenue Accounting (FRA). FRA is defined as customer segment accounting that segments customers based on measures such as of frequency of transaction and measures revenue, expense, profit, and cash flow of each customer segment. He will do comparison case studies on FRA between Japan, South Korea and Indonesia.

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He is also interested in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He joined Sustainability Conference 2013 held at Massey University in New Zealand. Now he studies on Management Control System for implementing CSR based on cases of Japanese companies.

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