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Liberty Kudzaishe Chakanyuka

Liberty Kudzaishe Chakanyuka

Regional Director (Zimbabwe)

Liberty K Chakanyuka graduated from Midlands State University (Zimbabwe) in October 2005, with a Bachelor of Commerce (honors) Marketing Management, having undertaken work related learning in an Asset Management firm in Zimbabwe. The duties in this organization involved local and international money market dealing, unit trusts and stock broking. In March 2006, He went on to undertake a Combined Diploma & Certificate in Information Technology, with McMaine School of Computing (UK).

He obtained a Diploma with Distinction. After graduating at McMaine, he joined the largest Commercial Bank in Zimbabwe (ZIMBANK now ZB), as a Marketing Executive, where his role involved revitalizing the Card Services and launching the company’s Payline brand. This role catapulted him to make several recommendations and presentation to the EXCO committee of ZIMBANK.

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After nearly 18 months with ZIMBANK, he resigned and joined the fast growing Mining Conglomerate in Zimbabwe called African Mills and Minerals, where his main task was strategic turnaround of the firm and positioning the firm locally and internationally. His role included business development, marketing, sales and operations. During his tenure with African Mills and Minerals the clientele base rose 70% and revenue surged to record levels. This was a combination of foresight and planning.

In 2007, Liberty K Chakanyuka undertook a academic sabbatical and moved to Malaysia to pursue a Postgraduate course with HELP University, he undertook a Masters in Entrepreneurship. He completed his studies in 2009, with a second class honors. During his time with HELP University , he was actively involved in student activities and made several presentations to organizations like Malaysia Qualifications Association for accreditation of the Masters course, instrumental in forming the HELP University alumni, sporting activities, active member of the African Society and participated in several charity events. While pursuing his studies he joined Marcus Evans International, one of the largest business intelligence companies in the world. He excelled in the sales team to Senior Sales Manger. His primary market was Middle, East, Africa and Asia. The experience gained in Marcus Evans saw Liberty being head hunted by several firms for his ability in sales transformation. He had several consulting stints with several education groups within Malaysia looking to enlarge their student base.

In 2009, he joined Hunter Sterling Asia Sdn Bhd, a New Zealand based Real Estate company. Again his role was to develop and grow the sales team and the market. He successfully built the market base to a business portfolio of more than USD15milion. Then in 2010, at the invitation of Datuk Dr Paul Chan, Founder & President of HELP University (Malaysia), he undertook a Doctorate in Business Administration (scholarship). His doctoral research in the area of green marketing and purchase behavior under the supervision of Dr Leow Chee Seng. He has conducted training on non verbal communication, micro expression, sales development, market identification, lead generation, sales strategy formulation, staff identification, recruitment and training. He has successfully developed training modules in areas of sales development, non verbal communication, human behavior and human governance.

Recently (August 2013), he re joined the corporate world as Project Manager (Energy) with Fleming Gulf Asia (Slovakia), a position he holds till this day. In this role, he has been instrumental in collaborating with several government ministries and government linked companies in Malaysia to push their various agendas in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

During his spare time, he has published several articles on human behavior and human psychology, a field he is passionate about and intends to continue working with. He is also undertaking part time lecturing in colleges around Kuala Lumpur in areas of human behavior and consumer behavior.

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