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Jamal uddin Haq

Jamal uddin Haq

Regional Director (Saudi Arabia)

He is a B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering and Executive MBA- Marketing. He has been doing Social work related to educational development for the underprivileged children of segment of the society during his college. He was closely attached to the team running a charity academy for coaching the students for higher entrance examination for various courses. He has been teaching voluntarily to the group of secondary school students for professional courses examinations.

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He has moved up the Professional ladder ever since and served various Organizations in different positions. He holds a professional career in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Management. During his Job in India he had an extensive travelling in North India, which provided the opportunity to explore the diversity of the amazing cultures in India.

In 2001, he moved to Saudi Arabia. The shift was a challenge where he faced a multilingual, multicultural and multinational workforce. A big difference was the new attitude of people and work culture in the business communities. In the second year of my stay in Saudi Arabia, He was inspired by prominent Family Counselor whose advises have been a guiding factor to him in relationship management and he learned the basic principles of counseling Therapy from him.

While serving as International Sales and Marketing Manager in a Major firm in Riyadh he had exposure to the International market in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. Travelling to different countries and interacting with the local people is a very interesting perk of the international travel. Different cultures, languages, food habits, attitudes and behaviour are an amazing part of Human society.

After observing closely, the interesting part was to trace the origin of the attitudes and how they were shaped over a period of time. It was extremely amazing to note the change in consumer behaviour and the factors affecting the changes. How advertising affects the common consumer and influences the required segments of their market.

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