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Dr. Mihaela Stroe

Dr. Mihaela Stroe

Regional Director (Romania)

Mihaela has a PhD. in sociology, is a specialist in communication and nonverbal intelligence, and also is an official representative for Romania and Europa of Joe Navarro, one of the founders of Behavioural Analysis from FBI, business & life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author.

She has developed for more than 12 years personal development programs and courses about nonverbal intelligence, being founder of Nonverbal Magazine (, online international publication that can be read on your Ipad starting with January 2014.

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As an educator she is an accredited trainer and facilitator by Advanced People Strategies from UK for Leadership and Management programs, recognized by Institute of Leadership and Management. In addition she is an independent consultant in business using Human Synergistics instruments from US for investigating organisational culture and helping leaders to make organisational change.

Collaborator of Bucharest University and other universities, she is involved in different scientific research projects about human brain, impression management, detecting deception, social influence. She published many articles in press and realised many exclusive interviews for Romania media with experts and international speakers, like: Joe Navarro, former FBI agent, in present proffesor at FBI Academy and Tampa University/Florida, with Gary Noesner, former FBI agent, the creator of Negotiation Department at FBI and one of the first FBI agents specialised in crisis situations, with Alan Pease, so called Mr. Body Language, with Anthony Silard, author and speaker in leadership domain or Filipe Carrera, one of the most important trainer and author on social marketing.

Recently this year, Mihaela launched her first online e-book on personal development, which contains the first chapter of her book about how to have a simple and harmonious life (the book which will be officially launched in 2014). She has decided to share her key results after more than 10 years of research about human behaviour in this first chapter called “Seven Life Principles that You Should Not Negotiate” (you can read it for free if you subscribe on her blog in English

She is the only profiler in Romania trained personally by Joe Navarro in behavioural analysis, being coached to use Joe’s methods applied in FBI for detecting deception. From 2009, she is teaching in Romania and Europe Joe Navarro’s techniques and held very successful trainings in The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Moldavia.

From 2002 she is an entrepreneur and runs her own agency, Acta Nonverbal, well known on the market for delivering consultancy in communication and trainings held on nonverbal communication.

Mihaela is also partner in Business Coach (, agency specialised in human resources and organisational development programs (HR consultancy, coaching, teamsuildings, customised programs).

From 2006 she is project manager for, where she prepares Romanians who want to work for European Institutions. In this context she realised an intensive training program on the EPSO competencies framework. Also, she is doing career coaching, simulations for face to face job interview and preparing motivation for all EPSO evalution and recruting steps.

She is very pasionated for voluntary work and is active in three NGO’s for the moment: in Junior Chamber International Romania (JCI Senator and National President for 2011), SOS Satele Copiilor (Honorary member) and Professional Business Women Romania (Vicepresident International Relations). She is wife and mother.

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