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Dr. Hossein Nezakati

Dr. Hossein Nezakati

Council Member

Hossein Nezakati (Ph.D.) was born in Mashhad, North West province in Iran (1964) and grew up in Tehran – Capital city. He graduated in Experimental Sciences (1983); Achieved to be selected as Pilot Cadet in Iranian Air force for two years (1985); Bachelor Degree in English Translation (1992); Master Degree in Business Management (2000) and Ph.D. in Business Management (2004).

He interred in the world of Management and Business as General Manager in one of the pioneer continuous paper manufacturing company in Iran (1991-1997). He built a strong relation with different Chamber of Commerce, NGOs, academic and non academic foundations as committee and council member.

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He had a precious opportunity to made Business Solution Consultancy with more than 30 top level companies in Iran and Middle East as Deputy of public relations and Board of Directors Consultant in Industrial Managers Association of Iran (2002). The Industrial Managers Association (1979) is now becoming the biggest association regarding to privet sector party, with more than 2000 members.

Hossein started his lecturing in Management, Marketing, International Business and Human resource courses in different Institutes and Universities (1997). He is a Faculty member of Central Tehran Branch and in four other Islamic Azad University branches in Iran and invited as part time or visiting lecturer (2002). Hossein was the Chairman of Interview Committee for Islamic Azad University (IAU) and Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) of Cyprus joint Programme at Ph.D. level and M.S. Degree (2006).

He was Academic Deputy Dean in Faculty of Economics and Management, Tehran Central Branch, Islamic Azad University (2009). He has promoted his international academic career by moving to Malaysia and joining with University Putra Malaysia as Senior Lecturer (2009). He honored different prizes and awards such as Excellent Service Award in UPM (2012). His consultant group in University – SME corporation programme took first prize in UPM (2010 and 2013).

Hossein has more than 50 academic publications and participating in almost 100 final year projects, dissertations and theses as Supervisor, Committee member, Mentor, Reader and Examiner. He is collaborating with more than 15 international journals as Reviewer or editor (2008). He has a lot of experiences as Conference organizer, Training programmer, scientific and technical committee member (2002). He was invited by many conferences, Seminars and workshops as lecturer and Key tone speaker in different countries such as Australia (2009). He was involving in accreditation audit of UPM-Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) programme (2012). Hossein was a member of Malaysian Institute of Management (2010) and currently a Committee Member of Case Writers’ Association of Malaysia (2011).

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