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Dr. David Evans

Dr. David Evans

Regional Director (The United States of America)

Dr David Evans is a highly motivated academic and researcher. He began his career doing corporate training and business consulting. He has helped several firms to excel in their core areas through better management techniques, communication, and policy planning.

Dr Evans worked hard to help business owners and managers come to see that the best way to deal with problems in governance or with labor is to conceive a clear plan of action and communicate that plan well to all stakeholders so that undesirable consequences rarely occur. His philosophy of a coaching style of management and insistence on deferential communication in all horizontal and vertical dialog helped make his first company, Douglas Enterprises, very popular.

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In the late 1990’s, Dr Evans became interested in international tertiary education and began using his training and consulting skills to help universities in developing countries enhance their curricula and teacher development, especially in language and business studies. Later his research interests led him to co-author some articles with international scholars in decidedly interdisciplinary approaches such as: business and sociology; business communication and banking; and strategic management in private education.

David Evans has facilitated teaching and learning workshops in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. He did these at various universities who asked him to design programs uniquely tailored to their staff’s needs. The workshops addressed a gamut of issues encountered by lecturers including curriculum design, assessment, presentation and the trend in education toward constructivist approaches.

Realizing that countries in Southeast Asia were experiencing a shortage of well-trained human capital in engineering fields and the applied sciences, Dr Evans saw an opportunity to contribute mightily. Using a business model similar to community college, students study basics such as English and math with Dr Evans’ program in Malaysia, then transfer to his native United States or to Canada and complete their degrees abroad. In this way, hopeful science and engineering candidates do not have to wait for universities at home to catch up with those in North America. Since 2008 Dr Evans has helped over 400 young women and men fulfill their dreams of quality education.

Dr Evans is currently the director of the Faculty of Business and founding director of the American Degree Program at MAHSA University in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He is also an international consultant for the O’Brien Research Foundation based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He supervises the theses of MBA students and has created several courses for MBA’s and business-related MSc’s. Dr Evans regularly lectures on marketing, entrepreneurship and business research methods. His research interests include marketing and strategic management.

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