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Dr. Cui Na (Anna Cui)

Dr. Cui Na (Anna Cui)

Regional Director (China)

My name is Cui Na(崔娜) born in Qingdao, Shandong province, China. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in international business from Yangtze University, China and a Master of Business (MB) from Charles Sturt University, Australia. I am currently pursuing my DBA in the area of marketing focusing on human attitude and behavior. I have been involved in researching, writing and lecturing for both attitude and behavior and social cultural issues of the consumer.

Besides, my expertise lies in the field of business communication and negotiation, international business, marketing and intercultural management.

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A solid and extensive marketing, international trade and customer-service background, my business experiences that make me have professional skills for commanding body language and verbal communication in business negotiation, identifying personality, attitude and behavior in the social situation and dealing with cross-cultural communication in international business.

After completing four years Bachelor’s Degree, I started to work in the State-Owned Enterprise in China (SOEs) as international trade manager; I had to make good communication among over sea suppliers and buyers in order to avoid any conflict and confusion through verbal and nonverbal communications. I also had to convince senior managers identifying cultural difference and pay attention to facial expressions and body language during the business negotiation process. In addition, I was also involved in training of corporate employees on how to build trust and lead to effective negotiations and how to develop good and effective communication skills.

After that, I worked in the multinational company in China as an Assistant of General Manager. The most challenge is to deal with business-related cultural conflict which is arising from difference in personal cultural orientation and nonverbal communication. I was responsible for improving cross-cultural communication skills and change people’s attitude toward environment.
Over the past decades, changes in economic development, political liberalization and social-cultural have been occurring in Mainland China. All of these changes have impacted on people’s attitude and behavior. For this reasons, I have been doing thorough research and analysis about people’s attitude and human behavior in Mainland China. It includes how personal cultural orientation influences attitude, and how attitude form, change and shape behavior. Besides this, I also do many researches in the areas of marketing and green business. These studies include luxury consumer behavior in mainland China and what are the key determinants of their purchasing behavior, a study of China’s environmental attitudes and behavior in urban China, a study of cultural values, self images and negotiation behavior and a study of negotiate successfully by reading body language.

Compared with Western or other Asian countries, people of mainland China is much more different in terms of culture, value, attitude and behavior. It is need to explore and discover their own cultural value and factors determining attitudes that influence behavior. As a researcher with hands-on experience and strong professional skills, I am committed and focused to make people of mainland China aware of knowledge of body language, verbal and nonverbal communication and human attitude and behavior.

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