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Organisation Structure


Academic Division
Human Behaviour Academy Ltd (HBA) offers professional programmes for practitioners, the Chartered Attitude and Behaviour Consultant. The chartered programmes focus on professional values, ethics and governance. This is essential because the profession is moving towards codes of conduct, regulation and legislation. There is an increased focus on professionalism and ethics in the area of behavioural science.

Publication Division
HBA understands the needs and interest of the readers. There are several titles published in order to cultivate the interest of readers in attitude and behaviour. The publications are based on research data of the academy.

Training and Consultancy
HBA offers various types of training and consultancy to corporations to meet their needs in their daily activities pertaining to attitude, behaviour and mind set which directly impacts on their performance.

HBA conducts research based on the needs of the respective industry. Some researches are sponsored by corporations for their advertising and promotional strategies. All these findings are copyrighted by the corporations and certain research findings will be shared through the publications.