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The interest shown in attitude and behaviour cuts across all business and industry: psychology, health, medical, business, management, social work, education, politics, communication, human development, and even biological science. The concept of attitude and behaviour resembles the chicken and egg paradox.

Attitude can be defined as a favourable or unfavourable evaluative reaction toward something or someone exhibited in one’s beliefs, feelings, or intended behaviour. The holistic concept of attitude can be summarized as the ABC Concept: affect, behaviour and cognition.

Despite intuitive beliefs that attitude determines behaviour, a large body of research indicates that attitude is actually a poor predictor of behaviour. There is, in fact, a strong interrelationship between these two domains.

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Human Behaviour Academy (HBA) is a non-profit organisation that trains candidates on skills, knowledge and attitude to deal with human attitude and behaviour. Besides, HBA develops professionalism among the practitioners. Continuous research and development enables the institute to continue to provide the latest trends and information in the area of attitude and behaviour.

HBA is the first non-profit organisation to offer comprehensive training, consultancy, certification, develop professionals and conduct continuous research in the area of attitude and behaviour for people seeking better future.

Why Human Behaviour Academy Ltd?

  • To satisfy the needs for the daily life and corporate world.
  • To fulfill emotional needs in the area of attitude and behaviour.
  • To solve social problems especially related to the attitude and behaviour.
  • To fulfill the needs of increase of psychological concerns such as suicidal.
  • To increase organization efficiency.
  • To fulfill emotional needs in the area of attitude and behaviour.

Human Behaviour Academy creates human governance and sustainability by helping us to return to our nature heart :- empathy, kind, humble, grateful, passionate and sincere