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Retail Operation Management Training

On 20th of August, Mr Chang Yann Jie as a certified professional trainer and a pharmacist by profession had given a great and fruitful training session to a group of vocational school teachers about retail operation management. He has shared his knowledge and experience in retail operation. Participants have exposed to practical experience in a retail setting through the activities carried out and managed to learn interactively.

In module 1, participants have been taught about manpower planning and talent development. They learnt the retail outlet management structure and job descriptions of staffs as well as how to determine the manpower requirement in the business.


[Participants was presenting on the manpower requirement, management structure as well as job description of each staff in their chosen retail business.]

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[Participants discussed with each other regarding what they have learnt and how to put the knowledge into practical use.]

In addition, participants were also being exposed to stages of the interview process and learnt about how to determine strength and weaknesses of the candidates through some tips in questioning during the job interview session. Besides, participants have been able to do proper manpower allocation and manpower positioning in the retail stoimg_20160920_171207res. Some techniques in handling staff issues were also being taught, such as counselling, coaching, buddy system and disciplinary procedures.

In Module 2, participants have learnt about financial control and budget planning as well as the understanding of financial statement in the retail business.

Whereas in Module 3, participants learnt to analyze staffs and branch performance using KPI and performance report. They also manage to evaluate actual sales performance of a retail business after the training.

[There are some activities during the training to help the participants understand the topic of retail operation management better and have a clearer picture of the concepts.]

[Participants have a fruitful and fun learning session which

open their mind on the retail operation management.]

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