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7 Steps to Change Attitude

 7 Steps to Change Attitude

Marcus Chai

Regional Director of Singapore

Attitude is defined as a feeling of favourable and unfavourable towards an action (Aijen & Fishbein, 1987). Attitude can be formed and modified. Watch the video of ATTITUDE FORMATION

Step 1:

There is no need to wait if you have decided to change. Somehow or rather, its our mindset that stop us from proceeding to take the action which we should do. Thus, start with your first step today.

The question is what do you decide today for change in our attitude? The answer is many and you need to choose from the simplest to change, one by one till you change our attitude. If we have a lot of negative-thinking people surrounding us, bad situations or environment, difficult tasks or assignment; change them all to change your attitude.

Step 2: Shift your Focus

Focus on what is right instead of focus on what is wrong. Use your judgement and wisdom to decide on these. Same thing goes to your possession on material to make things happen. There is no point to focus on what you do not have. In this matter we might as well focus on what you do have instead. So let’s change to focus on solutions then on problems too.

Step 3: Be more curious instead of judgemental

When things do bad, you should not jump into conclusion of blaming and complaining to make things even worse. To put things better, stay curious to ask yourself a questions – why is this person or situation like that? To be more effective, ask yourself on what can I change here in this situation or with this person.

Step 4: Develop an attitude of gratitude

A lot of people may wonder how. Here is a good example, “I was crying for a pair of shoes until I saw a man without legs; I thanked God that at least I have legs”. Flash back some time to find something in tough time / tough situation / tough people now. Just think on what you have gained or learnt instead of lost. Whenever you feel down, depressed, frustrated see what can be acknowledged.

Step 5: Decide not to be perfect all time

When you expect the result too high, you will feel very stressful when the expectations do not match. That is the beginning of negatives. Do you others feel happy when the end results are not met? So stop having high expectations from yourself and others.

Step 6: Believe in yourself

Remember this that it is not an inflated EGO but when you think and feel good about yourself, then you too will be able to see the same in others too. So long as you continue to believe, you can achieve your dream.

Step 7: Take action … Now.

You cant just stand in front of the mirror and shout “Positive Attitude”. That not enough as there is no result at all. Stop procrastination and start right NOW to take action. You need a timeline so write down an action plan for the next 7 days on what you want to achieve.

Positive Attitude

Start Today and change a negative attitude to a positive attitude. You would observe there would be a paradigm shift within yourselves.


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